David Suratgar

Member, Board of Directors

David Suratgar has more than 40 years of project finance experience.  He is a former vice-chairman of Deutsche Morgan Grenfell (DMG) and member of the board of BMCE bank and senior advisor to the Chairman. 

He is chairman of BMCE Bank International plc, a British bank with subsidiaries in France and Spain.  He serves as chairman of Masawara plc and Fortune Funds Limited.  He is also a member of the boards of Global Alumina Inc. (Canada) and of Taylor-DeJongh.  He serves as chairman of the advisory board at TDJ and is a member of the advisory boards of XPV Capital and Climate Change Infrastructure Corporation.

At Morgan Grenfell and Deutsche Bank, Mr. Suratgar was responsible for project financing, external debt management advice (syndicated loans, bond issues and export credits), debt restructuring and rescheduling and debt buybacks and debt-equity conversions.  He established and managed the international privatisation team.

He is a member of the board of The Major Projects Association, and senior research fellow and member of the Advisory Council of the International Law Institute in Washington DC.

Mr. Suratgar holds an M.A. (Law) from Oxford University, a Master of International Affairs and a certificate in International and Comparative Law from Columbia University and from the Hague Academy of International Law.  He did the AMP (Corporate Finance) at Harvard Business School.  He has been Professor of International Financial Law at Georgetown University School of Law and lectured at NYU Law School, at Oxford University’s Templeton College and at the Hague Academy of International Law.  He served as a senior attorney at the World Bank (1963-1973) and as a special legal advisor to the World Bank, to the European Investment Bank and to the Bank of England. London